If you are coming to Britain to film a production and need a local fixer, then look no further. We can provide capable and qualified professionals to coordinate with you on your project and help with the smooth running of your shoot. We help people like you produce commercials, documentaries, films, sports productions, corporate and […]


We know all the best places to film in London and have built a 30 year relationship with Location Managers, local Film Offices and location libraries.  We promise to get you the right location within your budget. If you have a specific location in mind for your production please email us at and one […]


We have filmed in the top studios in the UK. From warehouse spaces and photographic studios for your stills shoot to sound stages and green screens. If you are looking for a studio space to shoot your next production in the UK then get in touch with us today.


We work with many kit suppliers in the UK. We can get you anything from a Canon 5D, C300 to a Arri Alexa or RED. Our 30 year relationship with the UK’S biggest equipment suppliers gives us the advantage of getting you the best deal within your budget. If you have a Camera, Grip or […]


We only work with professional and experienced crews. Our crew members have a long standing relationship with UK Fixer and we only work with the best in the business. We can crew for all roles in your production from an AC and Sound Recordist, to Key Grips and Gaffers or Unit Drivers and PA’s. We […]


Our casting producers come highly recommended and can guarantee to find you the right cast members for your shoot. We cover everything from Models. Everyday People, Featured Artists and TV Extras.  We can also find you unique contributors that fit your brief. Let us know your requirements and a member of our team will come […]


Filming in the UK can be daunting with much to plan and organise. At UK Fixer we will take the pressure off you by handling all the paperwork, like filming permits and location releases prior to your shoot. We can get permission for road closures, or grant access to high points of buildings for wonderful […]


Filming in the capital can be a daunting experience, sourcing permits and locations can be a nightmare if you don’t know where to start. So why not let us take care of it for you.  We have unique relationships with film offices and location scouts to make sure we can find the perfect location for […]


UK Fixer offers production people from all over the world a stress free shoot in London. We have been servicing international producers for over a quarter of a century. We know London like the back of our hands and with our returning client base growing every year we can promise a high class service on […]