UK Production Services

A fixer provides logistical support and facilitates filmmakers wishing to conduct filming away from their home city or abroad. So at UK FIXER we offer assistance to production people from all over the world for a stress free shoot anywhere in the United Kingdom.

With our UK Production Service our hands-on, flexible approach and network of local crew has rapidly ascended UK FIXER into a leading production resource with a returning client base growing year on year. As with this way of working we are able to offer the most competitive prices in the business.

Our UK Line Producers, UK Producers and UK Production Manager guarantees a high class service on every production, making sure every t is crossed and i dotted – offering reliable crew, fairly priced camera equipment, securing permits, and UK location management

For all of your UK pre-production needs to UK Video Production of your commercial, documentary, film, still or digital production, UKFIXER.COM has it covered.

For a production service across London and the UK get in touch.

UK Locations

Our UK Location Scouts know all the best places to film across the UK and have built a 20 year relationship with UK Location Managers, UK Local Film Offices and Location Libraries.

London can be particularly challenging if you don’t have the right contacts and that’s why we’ve made it one of our main areas of expertise. Our London Location Scouts use insider Local Knowledge to get you the best location for your budget.

But it’s not only the capital we cover. We have UK Location Scouts based in Manchester, Birmingham, Scotland, Yorkshire, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds and Bristol; as well as a network of UK Location Scouts working in all major UK cities.

Get in touch if you have a specific location in mind for your production or need suggestions to fit your brief.

UK Filming Permits

Filming in the UK can be daunting with much to plan and organise. At UK FIXER we will take the pressure off you by handling all the paperwork.

This is a crucial part of pre-production prior to any shoot and the responsibility of our UK Location Scouts to secure on your behalf. Our longstanding relationships with Film Offices and County Councils gives us the advantage over our competitors, securing filming permits and location releases prior to filming.

We can also get permission for road closures, or grant access to high points of buildings for wonderful views of the city. Or insurance may be required with filming in our larger cities so tightly controlled, and we have full third party public liability insurance for your production.

Whatever your UK Film Permit requirements, we can help.

UK Film Crew

We offer Local Film Crews and only work with professional and experienced individuals and teams. Our network has a long-standing relationship with UK FIXER with a proven track record, having worked on productions over the past 20 years together.

We can crew for all roles in a production from an AC and Sound Recordist, to Key Grips and Gaffers, to Unit Drivers and PAs.

We take pride in getting you the right person to fill any gaps in your production and fit your brief. And most importantly, we only work with the best in the business.

Let us know your crew requirements today.

UK Camera and Equipment Hire

UK FIXER work with many kit suppliers for Camera and Equipment Hire in the UK and can get anything from a Canon 5D, C300 to a Arri Alexa or RED.

Our 20 year relationship with the UK’s biggest equipment suppliers gives us the advantage of getting you the best equipment for your budget, at the very best price.

If you have a Camera, Grip or Lighting list please get in touch for a competitive quote within two hours, not two days.

UK Casting

Our UK Casting Producers come highly recommended and can guarantee to find you the right cast members for your shoot. We specialise in hand-picking real everyday people, but can also provide models, featured artists and TV extras with unique skillsets to fit your brief.

From small productions to large crowd scenes, from walk-on background artists to supporting roles, we find faces to fit all. Providing you with cast of all ages and nationalities required, we are versatile too.

And with no hidden agency costs we also provide casting at the most competitive rate in the industry.

Let us know your requirements and we will offer you the best cast options for your production.

London Fixer

If you are coming to London to film a production and need a Fixer then look no further. We provide capable and qualified professionals to co-ordinate with you on your project and help with the smooth running of your shoot. We help people like you produce commercials, documentaries, films, sports productions, corporate and digital content.

UK FIXER can assist international filmmakers in the capital and all major locations across the UK, as we utilise a complete roster of experienced local professionals and crew who then collaborate with you on your project. For this reason, we are a lot cheaper than using a local-based production company.

With over 20 years of production experience, you will benefit from a Fixer in London who not only has an understanding of production, but also an in-depth knowledge of Britain and its prime locations.

And when it comes to shooting in the UK there are a lot of rumours about what kind of paperwork you may need. If you would like assistance with this or help with any travel & accommodation requirements, UK FIXER can help with this too.

UK Transport and Accomodation

No Fixer would be complete without this service, as in order to succeed with your production it’s often the core logistics that are needed in order to make it all happen.

Trains, flights, transfers, hotels, we provide UK Transport and Accommodation. Without it, you’d have no means to get to your chosen location, and no base to stay. We not only find you the best options, those that offer the best comfort and convenience for your budget, but we book it all in for you too, taking away another headache from your list.

And if you’re travelling from abroad, our British Fixer can also offer assistance with what paperwork you will need to travel and work in the UK.

With over 20 years in the business, we have developed connections with travel companies and hotels across the UK. So why not take advantage of our special discounted rates.