A production service perspective of the re-opening of the UK  

As a production service specialist, filming in London and the UK is building momentum. From July 10th, the UK’s borders are reopening and measures that were put in place during lockdown are finally easing.

UK Fixer July Update UK Border reopening

UK Borders are thankfully reopening

It’s news that the country’s been waiting for since the beginning of the lockdown, so there hasn’t been a better time in recent months to consider the implications for your production. Controversial 14-day self-isolation measures have been scrapped for a total of 59 countries, a list which may come to grow in the days ahead. As ever, please get in touch with us if you’re considering how this will affect your production since news is constantly developing on this topic. The so-called lockdown easing ’travel corridors’ will help to bring international business back to the UK, news that many businesses will find a relief considering the drastic changes the industry has experienced these past few months in lockdown.

Borders reopening is great news for those yearning for a bit of optimism in the gloomy news cycle of late. But the country remains vigilant and is better prepared psychologically, with excellent infrastructure in place to combat the spread and prevent a second spike in infection rates. Britain’s TV and commercials industry representatives have been very supportive and have done their utmost to maintain the integrity of its workforce, including the creation of a new on-set role dedicated entirely to the maintenance of social distancing – the COVID supervisor. Whilst it’s by no means a perfect scenario, given the severity of the global coronavirus outbreak, industry in the UK and London is doing a great job in helping production to bounce back as the lockdown eases.

UK Fixer has obtained a COVID supervisor certificate

UK Fixer has obtained a COVID supervisor certificate

UK Fixer’s production service specialists are ready to take on the challenges ahead. Our production team are trained as COVID-supervisors, having been certified by the APA and film safety consultant specialists First Option. That means that whatever your concerns are about filming in the UK, the transmission of COVID-19 is being considered at every step of the way. The UK’s approach to prevention of coronavirus transmission has been met with a dedicated and risk-averse zeal. Already, pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and cinemas are equipped with the necessary precautionary measures. Depending on the production’s requirements, some of these different methods are ready to be launched on set, too.

As well as sanitising surfaces and social distancing by 2 metres, clear screens can be used to separate areas behind the scenes, ‘cohort’ bubbles of one or more departments may access the set only at allotted, staggered times, and departments have each developed their own best practice approach to sanitation and social distancing. With the UK’s lockdown easing measures, these methods are continually subject to change, but UK Fixer is keeping abreast of all the latest developments and with our world-class workforce we can provide the safest and best production service possible for your production.

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