UK Fixer’s location management services in a post-Covid world  

Now is a great time to begin considering your shoot in London and the UK, UKFixer’s location management services are here to help.

UKFixer's location management services can help now the UK Border at London Airport is reopening

UK Border at London Airport reopening

July 4th saw borders reopening amongst the UK government’s moves to relax lockdown measures across England. Pubs, restaurants, and cinemas are now permitted to resume trading across the nation. Additionally, an amendment to a controversial travel guideline is eased as of July 10th, meaning that there will now be quarantine-free ‘travel corridors’ between the UK and 59 other countries. As the situation remains constantly under revision, it’s advisable to check what the latest developments are – drop us a line to see how we can advise you. The full travel corridor list and up to date information can be found here.

Travel insurance will now cover productions working between these countries and the government has said they may add to this list in the coming days. This is reassuring news for an industry picking itself up from a fallow Spring period that’s now beginning to build momentum.

UK lockdown easing measures Stay Safe Sign

UK lockdown easing measures Stay Safe Sign

Despite the easing of lockdown measures, there are other good reasons to consider filming in London and the UK right now. Even though the public health risk remains at a level whereby precautions must be practised on set (a guideline that will surely remain in place for a good while), the UK government’s new measures point to an overall relaxing of attitudes for the general public. This will be seen as progress for the many workers across the world looking for signs of a recovery, both in public health and in the global economy. The attitude of people in the UK has been largely compliant, with relatively little flouting of the guidelines proffered by its government. If this trend continues, it’s expected that the pandemic will continue subsiding and the film industry will be able to recover a lot more quickly. UK Fixer has years of experience in overseeing all aspects of production service, we’ll see your production from the moment you call to getting it through the door. We exist to be useful to you and your production, which means our work begins from the offing. As well as full-service production, the role of location manager and location scout has been amongst the most sought after aspect of our work.

Our location management services include both location scouting and managing and our connections across the industry will ensure that you get a tailor-made package that’s right for your budget and production size. No one can be sure what the post-COVID world will look like, but one thing is for certain: the need for stories in the visual medium hasn’t abated. It’s therefore on us to work together and find ways to bring stories back to the small screen. The green shoots of recovery are pushing through the topsoil. UK Fixer are here to help this garden grow. Get in touch with us for the latest news on lockdown easing measures and how we can help bring your production to the UK.

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